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About Camera House

With over 30 years of experience in the camera and photography business, Leederville Cameras is continually striving to bring our customer's the most extensive range of innovative and high quality photographic hardware and accessories.

Our dedicated team of camera professionals will assess your photographic requirements and recommend the ultimate range of products for your needs and budget.

On the ground floor of our two storey camera superstore, you will find Perth's biggest range of cameras, lenses, binoculars, sunglasses and accessories. One of our friendly camera experts will help you navigate our extensive range to ensure you find the best products at the most competitive prices.

While you are there, why not stop in for a coffee and browse some of the amazing examples we have onsite of photographic skill and creativity in our Photo Café. Take some time to enjoy our unique printing café on the 1st photo print or help you to find the best frame for your cherished memories.

If you can't make it into our camera superstore in Leederville, you can still browse a wide range of cameras and accessories on this website and have it sent directly to you anywhere in Australia.

At Leederville Cameras, we pride ourselves on providing innovative, quality products to the Leederville and Perth community whilst delivering excellent customer service and value for money. These 4 key values are woven through everything we do.


Being one of the largest and most respected camera stores in Perth for 27 years, Leederville Cameras is committed to ensuring constant innovation in the face of changing technologies. The way consumers produce, view and use photography is rapidly changing and Leederville Cameras continues to keep up with these trends and technologies to provide its customers with the ultimate experience.


Leederville Cameras has been entwined with the Leederville and wider Perth community since 1986, when Umberto Fiore returned from the war and established the camera business. Over the years, Leederville Cameras has remained dedicated to enriching the culture and infrastructure of the floor and meet Angela Fiore, who will happily brew you a latte, organise a floor are there to assist you in anything you need, from printing Leederville and wider Perth community.

Quality Value Products

At Leederville Cameras, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest products and accessories so that we can bring you the best range of quality products in the market, at an extremely affordable price. This ethos extends to the printing services we provide also, by using only the best quality stock and specially coated canvasses to ensure that your printed memories last a lifetime.

Excellent Service

Since our family owned company was founded in 1986, Leederville Cameras has provided the pinnacle in excellent customer service. Every dedicated staff member on the floor knows our store's products intimately and is always on hand to help you find the best customised photography solution for your needs. This service is underpinned by full accountability and trust from our customers, who can always find the business owner, Lidio Fiore, working in the family business if they have any queries or concerns.